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Now i want to give you a best application *LOL*
This application ofcourse for blogging on handphone, for Blogger or Blogspot.

You can download it on Market, but i will give the apk here so you can download it.

The application has an advertising, you have to install AdFree to make free ad on the application.

The Screen Shot:

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[DRAFT] GO Launcher

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Android Phone has a lot of Launcher or you can say it Home Screen. I try a lot but I really love GO Launcher, maybe because i am a woman :D

GO Launcher has a lot theme, you can try all of them. The best is Cartoon Theme, but I love Angry Bird Theme too. Okey all of them are awesome :D

I will give the Screen Shoot, the launcher and the themes. Hope you can enjoy them :)

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I'm using Motorola Dext, the base ROM is Cupcake

I don't know much about Android... Kyaaaa
My friend rooted the handphone and give it to me, and now it's ECLAIR (waiting for Froyo -_- )
I dunno how to rooting, sorry
But you can try "How to rooting blablabla" on Google
It base what the phone's type... Motorola and Samsung have a different rooting i think (CMIIW)

And now i will tell you the applications that you have to install on your Android
Rooted Phone... Tested on my Motorola Dext... and It's my private choice... :)

If you want to install all of them, SILAHKAN :D

PS: Screen Shoots are from Google, i have no time to shake my Hand Phone and get the SS :D

Astro File Manager
This application's for seeing the file on your SDCard or Phone Memory, Really needs if you want to attach the file on e-mail... You have to install it

Download Astro

To be continued
Advanced Task Killer This application works like a Task Manager on Windows. You can kill unuse application so it can save your battery's life. Doc to Go You can make a new document (Word, Excel, Power Point), edit it and see it. Flow Actually Android gives you Facebook for Android but it really slow, I don't know why but I hate to use it :D and I found this application. Works great on my Android and much better than Facebook for Android *my opinion* TweetCaster My opinion is this is the bes twitter API for Android, works good and simple. PicSay I give to you the Pro Version (Thanks blapkmarket.com). You can use it to edit your photo and share it to anywhere. The Pro Version's really awesome :)
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Maybe it has a lot of application to change the font but I will make a tutor about that using Font Changer

You can download it now

1. Install Font Changer on your Android

2. The application needs to restart, restart it

3. Find your font that you want to use, the format is TTF (You can use the font from your PC)

4. The font needs 2 type, original version and Bold version. If the font don’t have a Bold version, you can make it

Original Font: ITCKRIST.TTF

- Copy the ITCKRIST.TTF and rename it becomes ITCKRIST-Bold.TTF

- So you have a Bold version of the font: ITCKRIST-Bold.TTF

5. Copy two of them to sdcard/fontchanger (If you don’t have the folder, you can make folder fontchanger on sdcard)

6. Open the application (Font Changer) and refresh, the font will appear

7. Choose the font


1. Install Font Changer-nya

2. Biarkan dia berjalan sebagaimana mestinya :D

3. Dia bakalan minta restart, restart aja :D

4. Cari font yg dimau (Pake font yg di PC juga gpp kuk)

5. Untuk font-nya, harus ada 2 jenis. Versi biasa ama versi Bold-nya. Aku pake font yg ga ada versi Bold-ny, akhirnya aku bikin sendiri.

Font aslinya kan: ITCKRIS.TTF, aku bikin 1 lagi dengan cara aku copy ITCKRIS.TTF itu dan aku tambahin Bold jadinya ITCKRIS-Bold.TTF

6. Kedua font tersebut copy ke sdcard/.fontchanger (Kalo ga ada folder .fontchanger-nya bikin aja baru, inget depannya si fontchanger ada titik-nya (.fontchanger)

7. Buka si aplikasi FontChanger deh, kalo font-ny belum muncul, refresh sajah

Just for Rooted Phone

Hanya untuk HP yang sudah di-root

Android... Let's Begin!!!

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Okey it's time for me to see my Blog
I never update this Blog (sorry)
I will trys to write again...

This blog makes me "reuni"
Oh my God i have a lot of things here
My old application, my old mobile phone, my old memories

Nokia 5330 => O2 Atom Exec => Motorola Q9h => Motorola Dext

Maybe i have to try Blackberry - iPhone - Symbian 60 3rd Edition :D

Now i'm using Motorola Dext (Motorola Cliq)
It's an Android and i love it so much
Maybe i will try to write about Android and post it on my Blog

This is my new phone :)

PhotoContact PRO for Smartphone (FullVersion)

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Untuk membuat tampilan Phone Book kita ga menjemukan, aplikasi ini wajib dicoba... Tinggal save foto temen2 (ambil di Facebook gituhh) trus masukkin deh ke Photo Contact and tadaaaa Phone Book kita jadi lebih cihuyyy

My Motorola Q9H in PINK !!!

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Nge-Blog via HP? Seru juga

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*Copy from Kaskus - Pigletoz (That's me :D)*

Tadi lagi iseng2 keliling via Google, tiba2 nemu 1 software untuk Windows Mobile
Setelah baca keterangannya, agak tertarik sih, soale kebetulan punya Blog dan paling males update via HP soale ribet sangat...

Nama software-nya adalah moBlog
Setelah install di HP agak aneh sih liat tampilanny, STD sekali
Tapi setelah dicoba... Wow not bad lah...

Setelah connectin software-nya ke Blogspot ane and mulailah mengetik kata demi kata *lebay*
Trus pas klik "publish" ehhhh langsung muncul di Blog ane...

Belum dieksplor lebih jauh sih... But lumayan lah daripada lumanyun...
Bisa untuk publish tutorial ato tips2 lah di blog ane...

Ini SS software-nya

Ini SS hasil publish-nya

Kalau mau aplikasinya, bisa di-download disini

Mari kita majukan Blog Indonesia :P


Post Blog via Windows Mobile

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Baru aja dapet software untuk Windows Mobile... Setelah dibaca2 sih dikasih tau kalo fungsiny untuk post ke Blog... Iseng nyoba deh... Berhasil ga yahhhhhh

Motorola Q9H

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Date Announced 2007, 2Q
Network Technology GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
Hardware/Processor Intel StrongArm
Dimensions (mm) 118 x 67 x 11.8 mm
Weight (g) 134
SAR Rating 0.35
Display Screen Size : 320x240 pixels
Screen Color : TFT 65k

Design Type : Blok
Soft Keys : 2
Other Keys : Side Scroll Keys, select Key, Back Key
Antenna : Fixed Internal

Memory Internal(MB) : 256MB
Expansion : microSD (T-Flash)

Battery Battery Type : Li-Ion 1170 mAh
Stand-by (hrs) : 480 hours
TalkTime(min) : 390 minutes

Ringtones Polyphonic :

MP3 Yes
A2DP Yes
TV Receiver Null
FM Radio No
Video Support wmv, mpeg4, h263, h264, real video
Audio Support MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WAV, WMA
Voice Support Dialing, Commands, Recording, Speaker Phone
Games Yes
Email IMAP / POP3 / SMTP / Visto
Bluetooth Bluetooth ver 2.0
3G Yes
Infrared (IrDA) No
USB Port Yes
Java (J2ME) Yes ,Midp 2.0
WAP No Info
Platform / OS
Browser Opera 8.6
Predictive Text Entry Yes
PIM Application Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, TO-DO, Notes, voice memo
Themes No Info.
Caller ID Yes
Lens Type CMOS, 2.0 Megapixel
Digital zoom 8x
Max. Resolution QVGA
Flash Yes
Night Mode No
Extra Features Additional camera for video calling
Photo Format
Video Format

Mobile Ringtone Ipin & Upin

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Dapet ringtone untuk Handphone Ipin Upin niy... Lucu-lucu ^^

Niy dipaketin pake RAR yah, isinya ada 20 ringtone, ada beberapa yg ternyata sama...
Silahkan di-unduh...

4Shared Mobile

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